Health: Be alert if fat starts forming around the stomach? Could be colon cancer...Know more...


Intestine Cancer: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated every year in March. In this disease, a dangerous cancerous tumour develops in any part of the long intestine or rectum. This disease is called Colorectal Cancer. For your information, let us tell you that colorectal cancer is a very serious disease. Today we will talk about the initial symptoms of this disease.


Symptoms of colorectal cancer
According to the Hindi portal 'DNA Hindi', if your stomach is not clean and you need to go to the washroom again and again. So it can be a symptom of colorectal cancer.

Losing weight even after eating properly
If the weight is decreasing continuously without any running, then it can be a sign of a dangerous tumour in the body. This can be a major symptom of cancer of the rectum and large intestine. Any such symptom should not be ignored.

Bleeding with stool
According to the research of the American Cancer Society, if there is frequent pain in the stomach or light blood comes into the stool. Or if you often have weakness and fatigue then it can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. If these problems are happening to you too, then you should contact the doctor immediately.


If you want to avoid colorectal cancer then make distance from these things
There can be many reasons for getting colorectal cancer. Like- as eating high-fat things continuously, eating fewer fibre things, not doing physical activity as well as keeping a distance from fruits and vegetables. If you keep your distance from these things, then you can avoid this disease to some extent. If any problem related to stomach disorders starts, then get it treated as soon as possible. No need to take it lightly. Without wasting time contact the doctor.

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