Health: Bael can give relief from old to old constipation...Consume it daily in this way..


Bael Benefits For Health: Constipation is such a problem that if a person suffers, then 50 types of diseases can surround her. This is a problem in which there is difficulty in passing stool. Due to the formation of gas in the stomach, you have to face many problems like headaches, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, and irritability. In such a situation, to get rid of constipation, you need to take special care of the food. To get rid of constipation, you should consume bael fruit. Consuming it not only gives relief from constipation but also gives many other benefits to health. Let's know how many benefits can be gained by consuming bael or bael juice in constipation.


How beneficial is Bael in the problem of constipation?
Nutrients like protein, fibre, potassium, iron and many more vitamins are found in Bael, the use of which gives relief to the problem of constipation. In stomach problems like gas, diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pain, the consumption of Bael works like a medicine. It is advised to eat fibrous fruits for good digestion and to cure constipation, while Bael is also a fibrous fruit, and the properties of fibre present in it work to make the digestive system healthy and strong. The properties present in it not only eliminate constipation from the root but are also beneficial in getting rid of many other problems of the body. Bael's effect is cool, because of this, consuming it in summer also keeps the stomach cool.

Beneficial even in these problems
If you are troubled by obesity and want to lose weight, then drink bell syrup in the summer. The amount of fibre in the vine is very high. By drinking this, your stomach will feel full for a long time, due to which you will not have any craving for food and thus you can lose weight fast.
Bael syrup is considered very beneficial for the body in the summer season. Due to its consumption, there is no shortage of water. It can also help in protecting from problems like dehydration and heat stroke.
Consuming Bael syrup can help in reducing high BP and cholesterol levels, as it can control lipid profile and triglyceride which can control high BP and cholesterol.


How to make Bael syrup
Bael syrup is also available in the market and you can easily make it at home. For this, take out the pulp of bael, and separate its seeds. Soak the pulp in water for some time. After this separate the fibre and pulp by filtering well, add water according to need and store it in the fridge and consume it after mixing sugar or honey.

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