Health: 4 signs show that the protein has come to a dangerous level, Know about them...


Sign and Symptoms of Protein Deficiency: The body cannot be made without protein. Almost every organ of the body is made up of protein. Protein is present in all types of cells including muscles, bones, skin, and hair. Protein itself makes haemoglobin which carries oxygen to every part of the body. Many important chemical reactions take place in the body due to protein. Apart from this, many enzymes and hormones are made from proteins. To run life, 10 thousand types of proteins are present in the body. Being so important, it can be understood how heavy the deficiency of protein can be in the body. Every day we need 60 grams of protein. If protein is deficient, then many types of problems start happening in our body and we become a victim of malnutrition.


Every day we should take at least 10 per cent of protein in our food. But people in India consume very little protein. This is the reason that most of the people here lack protein. Lack of protein can lead to kwashiorkor, a serious disease of malnutrition, and because of this, a person can faint again and again.

Protein deficiency diseases
If protein deficiency is not treated or the diet is not improved, the patient may die. Protein deficiency causes many diseases. A deficiency of protein can lead to diseases like Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, mental health-related diseases, Edema etc.

Symptoms of Protein Deficiency
1. Swelling- According to the news of WebMD, if the deficiency of protein reaches a dangerous level, then swelling starts in the stomach, feet, paws or hands. This disease is called Edema. Protein itself keeps the blood circulating in the body. When protein is deficient, other fluid reaches there instead of blood. This is the reason why swelling starts there.

2. Change in the mood- Our brain transmits information to the cells using neurotransmitter chemicals. Neurometer is made of amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. So when the protein is deficient, the neuro meter will not function properly and information will not be transmitted through the brain. Due to this, there will be a change in mood, irritability will come. Because of this, dopamine and serotonin hormones will also be less in the brain.


3. Hair, nail and skin problems- Whether it is hair or nails or skin, all these are made of elastin, collagen and keratin. All these three things are proteins. That is, if the protein is deficient, the hair will become thin and start falling. Nails will start breaking and splitting from the middle. At the same time, the skin will start becoming dull, dry and yellow.

4. Weakness and fatigue- If a sufficient amount of protein is not consumed in the body, then the muscles become weak. Because of this, there is a problem with balancing the body. If protein is deficient in the elderly, then there is a problem with walking. Metabolism also slows down due to protein deficiency. This can lead to anaemia. That means the body gets less oxygen. Due to all these reasons, heavy fatigue and weakness are felt in the body.

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