Happy Marriage Tips: Surprise gifts can make a husband-wife relationship beautiful...


Surprise Gifts make Relationships Beautiful: If there is sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife, then what can be better than this? Experts say that if you want to increase the sweetness of this relationship, then give gifts to each other. Elizabeth Dunn, the author of 'Happy Money', admits that if the right gifts are not presented, it can have a bad effect on relationships. Although every country in the world has a culture of giving gifts during festivals, according to a study, a family in England spends about Rs 50,000 during festivals. And about 49 thousand rupees for a family in America. Spent only on gifts. Talking in the context of India, by the year 2025, the market for gifts in India will be worth 1200 crores. In the year 2019, it was worth 900 crores.


Importance of special days
Giving gifts to each other husband and wife makes them realize that both of them think about each other, and how special they are to each other.

Apart from special days like engagements, weddings, and marriage anniversaries, giving surprise gifts on any special occasion also has a good effect on the relationship. It simply means that there is no need to wait for a special day to give a gift. If you want, you can also find excuses to give gifts.


For example, if the husband or wife does a good deed, gifts can also be given to encourage them. This makes them feel that their hard work or efforts are being appreciated. But yes, do keep in mind the choice of the partner while giving the gift. Keep in mind, do not give such gifts at all, which have nothing to do with the partner.

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