Hanuman Chalisa Upay: Get rid of all kinds of defects with these measures of Hanuman Chalisa..


Hanuman Chalisa Remedy: Tuesday is considered a very important day in Hinduism. This is because there is a ritual of worshiping Hanuman ji on this day. It has been told in the scriptures that by worshiping Bajrangbali on Tuesday and reciting Hanuman Chalisa, man gets freedom from diseases, faults, and fear. Along with this, auspicious fruits are attained in life. Along with this, some measures related to Hanuman Chalisa have also been told in the scriptures, by doing which a person gets a lot of benefits.


Do this remedy on Tuesday
Wake up early in the morning on Tuesday, do bath meditation, and remove all negative emotions from the mind. After this prepare a mixture by mixing vermilion in sesame oil and apply that mixture to the whole body of Hanuman ji.

After this action, make a swastika with vermilion on a coconut and offer it to Hanuman ji and write Shri Ram with vermilion on 11 leaves of Peepal and offer it to Hanuman ji.

It has been told that Tulsi leaf is very dear to Hanuman ji. That's why on Tuesday, write Shri Ram with vermilion on Tulsi leaves and offer it at his feet.


After doing this, offer betel leaves and laddoos to Bajrangbali. After offering bhog, chant mantras of Hanuman ji and then recite Hanuman Chalisa 1, 5, 7, or 11 times.

In the end, repeat your wishes in your mind and recite Hanuman ji's aarti and then distribute the prasad among the family members.

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