Hair Care Tips: If you are also troubled by the problem of hair fall, then eat these 4 things daily..


People often use expensive hair care products to prevent hair fall, but the real solution lies in diet. Lack of nutrients in the diet is responsible for hair fall or premature graying of hair. A little bit of hair fall happens to everyone, but if your hair is falling excessively and the amount of hair falling is not compared to the amount of new hair coming out, then it is called hair fall. . Hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss. To avoid this, you should include some special things in your diet. Here we are telling you about 4 such things, which reduce hair fall. Dietitian Manpreet is giving information about this. Manpreet has done a Masters in Nutrition from Delhi University. She is a hormone and gut health coach.


Amla for falling hair
Amla is considered very beneficial in Ayurveda. It prevents premature hair fall and graying. Amla is also beneficial for anti-aging and weight loss. You can also add Amla to a smoothie or chutney.

Moringa to reduce hair fall
Moringa is known for weight loss. It has many other benefits. According to Ayurveda, it is a treasure trove of qualities. Moringa improves hemoglobin levels, thereby curing anemia. It nourishes the scalp and protects the hair follicles from damage. You can mix its powder in pulses or vegetables or take it with lukewarm water.

Fenugreek seeds to reduce hair fall
Fenugreek seeds present in our kitchen also reduce hair fall. They increase insulin sensitivity and reduce hair fall due to hormonal imbalance. You can eat them by mixing them with pulses and vegetables.


Nutmeg to reduce hair fall
Nutmeg also reduces hair fall. It reduces hair damage. It is beneficial for making hair strong and shiny. Take 1 pinch of nutmeg with olive seeds soaked overnight after dinner. Drink milk with it.
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