Hair Care Tips: Include these essential nutrients in the diet for healthy hair...


Hair Care Tips: Thick and silky hair is the desire of every girl. However, many types of nutrients are needed to keep the hair healthy. Increasing age, changing lifestyle, stress, hormonal changes, etc. promote scalp-related problems. For healthy hair, eat such foods, which are rich in nutrients. Due to this, you can get relief from problems like hair fall, dryness etc. So let's know, which vitamins are necessary for strong hair.


Vitamin A is considered very important for health. Apart from this, it helps in keeping the hair healthy. For strong hair, you can consume carrot, papaya, tomato, banana, spinach, etc. These foods rich in Vitamin-A are very beneficial for hair.

Vitamin-B prevents the problem of hair fall. If you want to prevent hair fall, then eat foods containing vitamin-B. Vitamin-B is found in sufficient quantity in whole grains, leafy vegetables, and nuts. Apart from this, dairy products can also be consumed for healthy hair.

Vitamin C
Along with curing many diseases, Vitamin-C also helps in keeping the hair strong. Vitamin-C is found in sufficient quantity in fruits like amla, guava, strawberry, and lemon, which help in keeping hair healthy. Apart from this, you can also include vegetables like broccoli, sprouts etc. in the daily diet.


Zinc is also helpful in removing scalp-related problems along with skin problems. To nourish hair, you can consume zinc-rich foods. Dark chocolate, nuts, baked beans, chickpeas, legumes, etc. can be eaten to supplement this vitamin.

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