Hair Care Tips: If hair has become lifeless after using hair dye, follow these tips...


Hair Care Tips After Dye: The use of hair dye or hair color is quite common these days. But very few people know how to take proper care of hair after using it. In the absence of proper care, they start getting dry and their shine also disappears somewhere. If you are regularly using hair color to make hair black, then let us tell you that the chemicals present in it can easily damage your hair and make them weak. So come, what should you do to avoid such problems?


Avoid washing too much- If you are using color in your hair, do not wash your hair every day, shampoo twice or once a week. If needed, use dry shampoo. By doing this, you will not have to use chemical hair color again and again.

Use of conditioner - Even if you do not shampoo, do apply conditioner to your hair. By doing this, the hair will remain soft and it will avoid breaking easily. In this way, the color of your hair will also last for a long time.

Use of the right shampoo- Before choosing a shampoo, keep in mind that you should use only those shampoos which do not contain harmful chemicals. For example, you can use sulfate-free shampoos because they work to keep the hair hydrated. Apart from this, strong chemicals like salicylic acid and ketoconazole in the shampoo make the hair dry.

Wash thoroughly- After applying hair dye to the hair, many people complain of itching in the head. This problem occurs due to not suiting the hair dye or not washing the hair properly. Therefore, after the dye, rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

Use of heat protection- If you use a heat protection product before hair styling, then your hair is saved from damage and the hair does not become dry. That's why you must use a heat protector.


Hair mask essential- Dyed hair needs extra nourishment. That's why it is necessary to use a hair mask. It nourishes the hair from the inside which makes the hair strong. For this, you can use banana, shea butter, coconut oil, curd, etc. in your hair.

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