Hair Care Tips: Hair falling in bunches? Mix 3 things in mustard oil, hair fall will stop immediately...


How To Use Sarson Tel For Hair Care: The problem of hair fall is quite common during the rainy season. But if your hair is falling in bunches then it can be a matter of concern. You can fix this problem by using mustard oil as well. Many such antioxidants and minerals are found in mustard oil, which greatly benefits hair follicles. Along with making the hair soft, it also makes it black. You can also prevent the problem of hair fall with its help. Here we are telling how you can use mustard oil to cure the problem of hair fall.


Material required
Mustard oil 4 tbsp
Betel leaf 1
Kalonji one spoon
Fenugreek seeds one teaspoon

Make like this
First of all, take a pan and put mustard oil in it. Now put one spoon of fennel, one spoon of fenugreek, and broken betel leaves in it. Now you turn on the gas in it and cook it on slow flame. By cooking it, the nutrients of these three things will mix in the oil and will help in curing all kinds of hair problems. It can also help in removing the problem of dandruff, which will keep the scalp healthy and stop hair fall. When it starts cooking in the oil, keep stirring it with a spoon so that it does not burn and does not stick. It will be completely cooked in 5 minutes and you can now turn off the gas flame. Then let it cool down and filter it with a sieve and keep it in a glass bottle.


  Apply like this
After cleaning your hair, apply this oil well on the scalp with the help of cotton and massage it with your fingers for 10 minutes. Then apply it to the entire length of the hair. Now squeeze the towel by dipping it in hot water and wrap it in the head. In this way, the nutrients of the oil from the steam will enter the roots. After half an hour wash the hair with mild shampoo. Apply this oil to your hair every week. Its effect will be visible on your hair only after the second-third use.
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