Hair Care Tips: Do scalp exfoliating to keep hair healthy, know how..


You must have exfoliated your skin many times. Skin exfoliation means removing dead cells from the skin. Similarly, the scalp is also exfoliated. The process of scalp exfoliation leads to deep cleaning of the scalp, due to which the dirt stuck in the head gets completely cleaned. Apart from this, due to proper scalp exfoliation, there is good blood flow in the scalp, which makes the scalp healthy and strengthens the hair.


Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation
Scalp exfoliation is a process in which special types of chemicals are used. This removes dead cells, removes excess oil from the head, and also gets rid of the problem of dandruff. Scalp exfoliation is especially beneficial for people who have a problem with dandruff, dry hair, dry scalp, or very oily scalp. This type of hair problem can be reduced with the help of scalp exfoliation.

How to do scalp exfoliation
Scalp exfoliation usually involves massaging the scalp thoroughly. Anyway, massaging the scalp daily increases blood flow, which benefits hair health. However, experts say that once or twice a week, scalp exfoliation is enough. Actually, it is not right to repeatedly exfoliate the scalp. This can lead to other scalp problems. To do scalp exfoliation, you first wash your hair.

Use the same shampoo for hair washing, which suits your hair. After this, divide your wet hair into two parts. You can also use a brush or glove designed for exfoliation. If you bought a product meant to exfoliate your scalp, use your fingers to scrub your scalp using circular motions.

How to make scalp exfoliant at home
If you want, you can also make scalp exfoliant at home. For this, you need brown sugar, oatmeal, and hair conditioner. To make a scalp exfoliant, mix two tablespoons each of brown sugar, finely ground oatmeal and conditioner. Mix them well with each other. Now after shampooing apply scalp exfoliant to wet hair by massaging this prepared scalp exfoliant in a circular motion. After this wash with plain water.


Take care of it
In some cases, scalp exfoliation can make the scalp very sensitive. In such a situation, you can use a protective spray in the hair, which can protect you from the damage caused by sunlight.

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