Hair Care Tips: Baldness has started appearing due to receding hair, so apply these oils daily...


Hair Care Tips: Hair fall is a common problem. This problem occurs in old age. Especially, after the age of 30, hair starts ripening and falling. The main reasons for untimely graying and falling of hair are stress, lack of nutrients in the body, heredity, poor routine, and wrong eating. Of this, there is a problem of hair fall even at a young age. Hair falling over a long period makes a person look bald. If you have also started looking bald due to continuous hair fall, then apply this oil on your head daily to overcome the problem of hair fall. This gives relief in hair fall. Let's know -


Argan oil
If you are troubled by the problem of hair fall, then you can use Argan oil to get rid of it. Antioxidants and vitamin E are found in this oil. Hair gets nourishment from these essential nutrients. Along with this, the problem of hair fall also goes away.

Tea tree oil
T-tree oil can also be used to overcome the problem of hair fall. It has anti-microbial properties, which help reduce scalp inflammation and prevent dandruff. This can solve the problem of hair fall. For this, massage your head with tea tree oil every night while sleeping.

Jojoba oil
You can also use jojoba oil to overcome the problem of hair fall. This nourishes the hair. Also helps in hair growth. For this, apply jojoba oil at night.


Lavender oil
It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which help remove the problem of hair fall. You can also use lavender oil for this. Applying lavender oil on the head also reduces stress.

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