Hair Care: Now your hair will not break... Just use this sweet spice kept in the kitchen like this

Hair Care Tips: If you are troubled by any kind of hair problem, then a spice kept in the kitchen can be useful for you. With its use, the hair becomes strong, thick, black and soft. We are talking about fennel... Fennel is not only useful for smelling and eating but also for hair. Antioxidants and phytonutrients are found in it. Which ends hair problems. Hair loss, premature greying of hair, and scalp infection (Hair Care Tips) can be avoided by using Sahand. Let's know the benefits of fennel...
Fennel oil is a panacea for hair
If you want to make hair beautiful then use fennel oil. Put half a cup of fennel in 1 cup of coconut or olive oil and boil it well. When it comes to a boil, leave the oil to cook on a low flame for a while. After this, cool the oil and store it.
Benefits of fennel oil
Moisturize hair
Good hair growth and shining of hair require a lot of protein. Fennel oil is rich in antioxidants and bacteria-killing properties. They keep the hair and hair scalp healthy and moisturize the hair.
Hair growth
Free radicals cause damage to hair roots, which is why new hair stops growing. Hair needs antioxidants in abundance to fight free radicals. Iron, copper, folate, niacin and acids found in fennel help in hair growth.
Hair will be strong
Weak and thin bars break more often. Iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C are found in this oil. All these work to nourish the hair pores. This makes the hair strong and prevents breakage and fall.
Clean the scalp
To make the hair thick, long and black for a long time, it is most important to keep the scalp clean. Applying fennel oil cleans the head. Due to this, bacteria and fungus do not grow in the head and the hair becomes beautiful and strong. (PC. Social media)

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