Hair Care: Make hair thick with these methods, be it bun or braid, you will look beautiful in every hairstyle...


Hair Care: While getting ready for a wedding, party, or festival, apart from clothes, jewelry, and makeup, another important thing is hairstyle, which can change your look within minutes, but if your hair is very thin, then no matter how much Even if you have a beautiful hairstyle, you may not be able to get the desired look. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some tips and tricks to make your hair thick, with the help of which you can instantly add volume to your hair. Let us know about them.


Back combing
Back combing is an essential part of hairstyling, which makes the hair look thick, but the real struggle starts with untangling them. If you don't know the right way to untangle them, it can lead to a lot of hair loss. To detangle, the backcombing process has to be reversed i.e. untangle the hair with a comb from the ends to the roots, due to this the hair breaks less and gets untangled quickly.

Try reverse hair wash
To make hair thicker, try reverse hair wash. For this, wet your hair and first apply conditioner. Keep the conditioner on hair for two to three minutes and then shampoo. This makes the hair look bouncy.

Take help of flat iron
Volume in hair can also be increased with the help of flat iron. For this, first comb the hair and then divide it into thin sections. Now pull the hair upwards with the help of a straightener. While you press the hair downwards to straighten it, when you press it in the opposite direction, the hair roots stand up, giving more volume to the hair.

Braid before sleeping
If you want to give your hair a wavy and thick look, then braid it before sleeping at night. Open them in the morning. Then see how your hair looks thick and beautiful.

Hair gets damaged due to these reasons
The first reason is sleeping with wet hair. Avoid washing hair at night and if you have to wash it, let it dry completely. Let the hair dry naturally. Use the dryer only when absolutely necessary.


- Do not comb wet hair. When hair is wet, its roots become weak, hence they break more when combed.

- While sleeping, tie your hair lightly, this prevents the hair from getting tangled, due to which there is less breakage.

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