Habits Bad for Sleep: These habits can disturb your sleep, stay away from them from today itself...


Habits Bad for Sleep: A good night's sleep is not only related to good mood but also to health. But there are very few people who fall asleep as soon as they lie on the bed, otherwise most of the people keep tossing and turning till late at night and then have to get up unwillingly to go to the office in the morning. Due to lack of half or proper sleep, the stomach is not cleaned properly, one does not feel like eating anything, the stomach keeps feeling full even after not eating anything and the mood remains irritable, but the reason for lack of sleep is What is it, have you ever noticed this?


The biggest reason for this problem is ourselves. Many things like using the mobile till late night, watching TV, late night snacking, etc. In today's article, we will know about which things you can stay away from to get a deep and peaceful sleep at night.

Fix sleep time
Fix a time at night to sleep. Finish all your work by that time. For the first few days, you may not be able to sleep exactly at that time, but within a week you will get used to this time and then there will be no problem. Secondly, if you sleep on time, you will wake up early in the morning, so you will not have to struggle much about sleeping at night.

Reduce screen time
To get quality sleep, stop using screens at least half an hour before sleeping, whether it is mobile or TV. In fact, the blue light emitted from electronic devices can disturb the production of the melatonin hormone necessary for sleep. Avoid carrying the phone even in the bedroom.

Find time to read for 10 minutes
If you want deep sleep, then instead of scrolling on mobile, take some time out and start reading. Apart from reading, you can also listen to light music or podcasts.


Do gentle stretching
Before going to bed or while sitting or lying on the bed, do some stretching of your arms, legs, and waist. This gives even better sleep. Stretching relaxes the mind along with the muscles and it is very important for the mind to be calm for a peaceful sleep.
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