H3N2 Virus: How dangerous is this flu for your children, do not ignore these signs


H3N2 Influenza virus: H3N2 influenza virus is continuously taking people in its grip. But most doctors are reporting a worrying rise in H3N2 cases among children, especially those under the age of 5, many of these infants and preschoolers are in ICUs in Delhi and Pune, and even medication has no effect. not happening. The problem of H3N2 can be very dangerous for children. Apart from flu symptoms like fever, cough and sore throat, children may experience vomiting, diarrhoea and weakness, lethargy. The recovery time of this virus is a bit longer. They may be at higher risk of pneumonia or respiratory infections which can lead to hospitalization and even death in severe cases.


Symptoms of H3N2 flu infection in children
Usually, children recover but they are a source of spreading the virus to others. Children with other illnesses such as pneumonia, heart disease, and other physical challenges such as developmental delay, may be more severely from respiratory infections such as the flu. So we must prevent flu with good hygiene and vaccination. Symptoms need to be recognized and antibiotics should not be overused. Its symptoms are high fever, body aches and headache. The respiratory symptoms start later, not in the beginning and the patient does not need to be given antibiotics as flu is a viral disease and it gets better on its own.


Don't Ignore These Signs
Antiviral medicines if started in the first 2 days can help in reducing the symptoms and antiviral medicine is used only in cases where a doctor has been consulted. So it is better to get vaccinated and maintain good hygiene due to the increase in flu cases at this time. Parents should watch for signs that their child is showing flu symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, severe headache, confusion, or a fever that lasts longer than three days. If any of these symptoms are visible in a child, then it is necessary to get a doctor checked immediately.

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