H3N2 Influenza: If you want to avoid H3N2, then get the test done at the right time, take care of these things if you come positive


H3N2 Virus: The cases of the H3N2 virus are increasing rapidly in the country. People are falling prey to it. After a cold and cough, doctors are advised to get tested for the H3N2 virus. This is because the H3N2 virus is causing cold and fever-like seasonal diseases. Therefore, without testing, it is difficult to understand whether it is an H3N2 virus or a seasonal disease. Know when to get tested for the H3N2 virus after having a cold.


What is H3N2?
Whenever someone comes in the grip of the H3N2 virus, then symptoms like common viral like cold, and cold appear in it. Problems like vomiting and body pain can also occur along with fever, and nasal congestion. Due to the grip of this virus, many times there is a complaint of low oxygen levels, and there is also severe pain in the muscles. On seeing such symptoms, this disease can be avoided by getting the H3N2 test done on time and getting it treated.

Harm from not checking
According to the doctors, if they do not investigate this disease, then the correct figures are not available. In such a situation, it will be very difficult to deal with the virus. That's why the investigation is necessary. So that the virus can be treated at the right time. Like any common flu, this virus reaches each other through cold cough and fever.

How is the H3N2 test done?
The H3N2 virus spreads only through infection. It is only from the test that it can be known whether the symptoms of cold and cold are H3N2 virus or not. That's why the test should be done. Like Corona, there is also a test for this virus. Samples are taken through the nose and mouth, and test like RT-PCR is also done in this. Whose report is available in a few hours? Physicians treat with antiviral drugs after being hit by the H3N2 virus.


What to do after getting H3N2 positive
follow protocols like corona
live in isolation
Take medicines on the advice of the doctor.
Follow the guidelines of ICMR.

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