Vastu Tips: Plant these plants .as per Vastu in this direction of the house, your sleeping luck will shine..


Greenery is also considered very important in Vastu Shastra. Keeping it in the right direction removes the Vaastu defects of the house, but on the contrary, if it is kept in the wrong direction then it can create physical, financial, and mental problems in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, if trees and plants are planted in the right direction, then the members of the house get many benefits. Let us know in which direction of the house they should be kept...


North direction
Planting plants with blue flowers in this direction of the house is considered very auspicious. Planting this plant brings prosperity while the blue color brings stability and purity to a person's life. According to Vastu's beliefs, planting a blue colored money plant here brings progress in career.

South east direction
Planting a pomegranate plant in the southeast direction outside the house increases happiness and good fortune. Apart from this, applying red color here is also considered very auspicious. Flowers of this color provide fame and glory to the person. Planting climbing vines on the wall here is also considered auspicious.

North-east and east direction
Turmeric, marigold, basil, and mint plants should be planted here. By planting small plants here, the rays of the rising sun come into the house, which improves the health of the family members and also strengthens social relationships.


North west direction
It is considered auspicious to plant a vine plant dear to Lord Shiva in this direction. Planting a vine plant here removes all types of negative energy and keeps the members of the house away from Vaastu defects. Plants planted in this direction make the members of the house bright.

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