Green Fixed Deposit: What is a Green Fixed Deposit and how can you invest in it?


Hearing Green Fixed Deposit, you can guess that this is the amount invested under the green scheme. Various schemes are run to prevent climate change and damage to the environment. Whose purpose is to maintain a normal temperature. Similarly, green fixed deposits can be used. 

Recently AU Small Finance Bank launched the first green fixed deposit, which has been named First AU Green Fixed Deposit. Those who want to invest in eco-friendly projects can invest in this project of AU Small Finance Bank.

What is a Green Fixed Deposit?

Green Fixed Deposit is a type of fixed-term deposit, in which investors invest their money in projects for the benefit of the environment. These projects include renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation pollution control, etc. Green fixed deposits are considered to be quite beneficial for electric mobility solutions, which is different in comparison to similar FDs. It is expected that this will help in environmental protection.

Investors investing in Green Fixed Deposits get the following benefits:

  • By investing in green fixed deposits, investors contribute to environmental protection.
  • A green fixed deposit can be a safe option to invest, as it is a bank deposit.
  • The interest rates on green fixed deposits are usually higher than on conventional fixed deposits.

How to invest in green fixed deposits?

  • Choose a bank or financial institution that offers green fixed deposits.
  • Visit the website of the bank or financial institution or visit the branch.
  • Fill out the application form for Green Fixed Deposit and submit the required documents.
  • For example, to invest in AU Green Fixed Deposit, you will have to invest at least five thousand rupees.
  • In this, an interest rate of 8.50 percent is available with a minimum period of two years.

Who can apply for a green fixed deposit? 

To apply for a Green Fixed Deposit, it can be opened with Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License along with a Passport, Voter ID and Electricity Bill etc. To apply for Green Fixed Deposit, Indian citizens, trusts, corporates as well as NRIs can invest in Green Fixed Deposit. Even in Green FD, senior citizens are given higher interest rates than ordinary citizens.

Green fixed deposits can be a safe and profitable investment option. This is a good option for investors who want to contribute to environmental protection and at the same time want to make safe and profitable investments.

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