Green Crackers: If you want to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali then these crackers are a great option...


Diwali 2023: During the festival of Diwali, the brightness of lamps is spread all around. In this festival of lights, we wish to remove the darkness from our lives by lighting lamps. But at this festival, people not only burn lamps but also burn a lot of firecrackers. Firecrackers can make Delhi's suffocating air even more poisonous. Therefore, the wisest thing is not to burn crackers. In view of the increasing level of pollution, the Supreme Court has also banned the burning of firecrackers containing certain chemicals in the entire country. But even if you are burning crackers, try to burn green crackers. If you don't know what Green Crackers are, don't worry. We tell you what green crackers are and how to identify them.


What are green crackers?
Green Crackers are eco-friendly crackers, which CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) developed in 2019 as a special type of crackers, which are small in size and do not leave any ash. These crackers are called green crackers. Dust repellents are added to these so that less pollution spreads in the air. Barium is used in ordinary firecrackers, which increases their shelf life but causes a lot of pollution. We are not only talking about air pollution here, it also causes noise pollution. Bursting green crackers releases steam, which helps in reducing pollution. These firecrackers also produce less noise, which reduces noise pollution.

There are three types of green crackers – SWAS, STAR, and SAFAL.

Swaas- Swaas means safe water releaser. Water vapor comes out from these firecrackers, which does not allow dust to spread in the air, and pollution is reduced.

Star- Star means safe thermite cracker. These firecrackers release less amount of pollutants in the air and the noise while bursting is also less.

Safal- This means safe minimal aluminium. As can be understood from their name, the use of aluminum is less in them. Even bursting these produces less sound.


This is how you can identify Green Crackers
It is very easy to identify green crackers. These firecrackers can be identified by the green logo of CSIR NEERI. There is also a QR code made on these firecrackers, by scanning which you can get more information about these firecrackers.

This Diwali, do not burn firecrackers for the safe future of yourself and your family and even if you want to burn them, use green firecrackers.
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