Gray Hair in Kids: To overcome the problem of gray hair in children, include these things in their diet...


Gray Hair in Kids: Not only women and men are troubled by problems like untimely hair fall, baldness, thinning of hair, and premature graying, but now even small children are becoming victims of it. Lack of nutrition is the biggest reason behind the graying of hair in childhood. Nowadays our food habits have become such that there is only taste left in it and almost no nutrients. We are also imparting similar eating habits to our children, due to which they are facing many of the same problems in childhood that people used to face in old age. Weak eyes, diabetes, obesity, and graying of hair... are some of the problems that are now being seen even in children.


Dr. Deeksha has shared a post on her social media. Has been told about those foods, which can prevent graying of hair to a great extent by including them in the diet of children. Let us know about this.

Amla is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which removes many hair-related problems. Amla is bitter in taste, so you can give its jam to them to eat.

Black sesame increases melanin production, which is necessary to maintain the color of our skin and hair. Give them black sesame laddus to eat or make powder from it and use it in making roti.

Black raisins
Raisins are a treasure of iron. Vitamin C is also present in it, which absorbs minerals quickly and supplies them to the hair. This not only removes the problem of premature graying of hair but also their hair fall.

Curry leaves
Curry leaves are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and B12. Apart from this, iron and calcium are also present in them. This provides relief from the problem of falling and gray hair.


Desi Ghee
Use of desi ghee in food not only increases immunity but is also beneficial for skin and hair. Taking it in the right quantity improves the quality of hair.
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