Government Scheme: This government scheme will do wonders in 2024, you will get more interest..


The Central Government has increased the interest given in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. Earlier, customers were being offered interest at the rate of 8% on investment in the scheme. However, after the increase in interest rate, it has now been reduced to 8.2%. The special thing about the scheme is that due to long-term investment, a bigger fund can be created than SSY. Keep in mind, that you can open an SSY account only till the daughter is 10 years old.


SSY account matures in 21 years. However, when the daughter turns 18, the amount can be withdrawn from the account for education or marriage. Here we are going to tell you about a powerful calculation. In this plan, you will have to save Rs 4 thousand every month and deposit this amount in your SSY account. Suppose you start investing in 2024 and your daughter is 5 years old. In such a situation, understand here what will be the complete fund of calculation.

This is how you will get ₹15 lakh from interest
As we told you the maturity period of the account is 21 years, that is, if you start investing in the year 2024, you can get strong returns in 2045. If you save Rs 4,000 every month, you will be able to invest Rs 48,000 in a year. Money has to be deposited in the account for 15 years. According to the calculation, you will have to make this investment by 2042. By doing this you will have invested Rs 7 lakh 20 thousand in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.


Let us tell you, on maturity after 21 years i.e. in the year 2045, you can get only interest of Rs 15 lakh 14 thousand. This means that on an investment of ₹7.20 lakh, you can earn interest of ₹15.14 lakh. Let us tell you that on maturity you will get the investment amount and interest amount together, which becomes a total of Rs 22 lakh 34 thousand.

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