GooglePay: You also make payment through GooglePay, use top 5 security features..


As much as digital payments have made life simpler, online fraud and fraud have also increased the risk. If you make a payment using GooglePay, then we will tell you some security tips that will make your app as safe as a fort.


Your GooglePay app supports security features like Face ID, password, and PIN. In this way, even if your phone falls into someone else's hands, he will not be able to use the GooglePay app. If the screen lock feature is on in the phone, your app will also be locked along with it and no one else will be able to use it.

Whenever you send money through the GooglePay app, it also alerts you about fraud. If the name of the person to whom you are sending money is not in your contact list, then the app alerts you about this. The app does this using machine learning.

All payment data through GooglePay is saved in the Google account. All your payment data remains safe with Google and Google encrypts this data at the time of payment so that your payment remains completely secure.

It will be safer to use GooglePay than using cards for online payments. Your virtual account is used on this app, due to which no one can get information about your account nor does anyone get to know your card.


GooglePay also gives you the feature to control privacy. Whatever personalized transaction you use to make payments through this app, is not saved as default. The app gives 3 months time to its customers and if you do not like this personalized transaction mode then it can also be deleted.

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