Google Update: Google Unveils New Android Features From Message Editing Instant Hotspot..

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In the tech market, every day some big update comes for the users. In such a situation, Google has once again given good news to the users. Google has recently made a big announcement. Android users can be very happy to know about Google's new update. For your information, let us tell you that Google's new update will change the messaging experience of the users. With this, many daily tasks of the users will be done easily. In Google's new update, many big features like text editing, and digital car keys have been announced. Know further the full details of the features for Android users.

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The benefit of message editing
If you use Google Message, then your big problem is going to be solved. Under the new update, any typo in Google Message can be easily corrected. Users will be able to easily correct any wrong message. Users will be able to make changes to the message within 15 minutes of sending the message.

Feature of fast hotspot
In Google's new update, Android tablets will be able to easily connect to Chromebooks and smartphones. For this, users will get the benefit of the fast hotspot. With the help of this upcoming feature, users will be able to connect the device to the hotspot with just one click. Users will not need to enter the password.

Option of new emoji in message
Google has introduced new emojis during messaging in its new update. With the help of this new feature, users will now be able to easily have fun conversations with each other. Users will get the benefit of this feature in Google Board.

Manage smart device
Android users will be able to manage smart devices through the new update. If users want access to their favorite widgets on the home screen of the phone, then now a more convenient option will be available for this. With the help of this feature, users will be able to easily do many tasks like home lights.

Google Home Favorite Tile
Under the new update, the benefit of the Google Home Favorite Tile feature will be easily available. With the help of this feature, users will be able to use many favorite faces on the face of the smartwatch. Along with this, many smart devices will be able to be controlled through the smartwatch tied to their wrist.

Google Wallet will be better
Under Google's new announcement, the people of America and Europe will get a big benefit. Users using Google Wallet will be able to make payments through an OS smartwatch. Also, it will be easy to make payments from mobile. In this way, the features of Google Wallet will increase.


Digital Car Key
Google Car Key is also included in Google's big announcements. In the new update, users will be able to lock and unlock the car through the car key in a better way than before. To take advantage of this feature, users will have to use a smartphone. Through a smartphone, users can easily share the details of the car key with anyone. However, this feature of Google will be supported in only a few cars.

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