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The market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased significantly since the beginning of the year 2023. Many tools and projects emerged throughout the year. Many big companies like Google and Microsoft are also investing a lot in AI. Google had introduced many of its tools last year. Now the company has introduced its latest AI model LUMIERE in the new year. This AI model has been introduced especially for users who make creative videos. Let us know the details.


If you make videos then now your work is going to be much easier. Google's LUMIERE AI model will help you a lot. Through this tool, users will be able to become creative in minutes. For this, users will have to give a prompt to LUMIERE. After doing just this, the video will appear in front of you. Currently not publicly available. Work is still going on on this. However, it can definitely be expected that this tool will soon be available to all users.

You just have to write the text
LUMIERE is special because through it users will be able to create videos just by writing text. This artificial tool works seamlessly in both text-to-video and image-to-video conversion. Whether you give a written prompt to LUMIERE or give it as an image input. In both cases, this will make you a great creative video. The company has also shared a video regarding this on X.

Google's LUMIERE AI model is powered by space-time U net architecture. In this, a prompt will have to be given to make videos. For example, you will be able to write – ‘A dancing bear’. So you will get a video of a dancing bear in minutes.


This tool will not just create videos. In fact, video or image editing can also be done with it. For example, if you select smoke over a photo of a train, it will actually start blowing. Similarly, you will also be able to change the design of clothes worn by a person in the video. Users will get many similar options through this tool.

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