Google Translate: Google made a big announcement, support for 110 new languages ​​is coming..


If you also use Google Translate, then there is good news for you. Google said that support for 110 new languages ​​​​will be released soon in Translate. In the year 2022, Google added 24 new languages ​​​​to Google Translate. Now Google Translate has support for a total of 1,000 languages. These languages ​​​​have been added to Google Translate with the support of the PaLM 2 Large Language Model.


According to Google, Google Translate is being used by about 500 million people around the world. According to Google, Cantonese and Qʼeqchiʼ new languages ​​​​are spoken by 614 million people. About a quarter of the new languages ​​​​are African, including Fon, Kikongo, Luo, Ga, Swati, Venda, and Wolof. 7 new Indian languages ​​​​have been added to the list, which includes Awadhi, Bodo, Khasi, Kokborok, Marwari, Santali, and Tulu.

Google has said in its blog that there is a huge amount of diversity in languages. Regional variations, dialects, and different spelling standards. Many languages ​​have no single standard form, so it is impossible to choose the “correct” variety. Our approach has been to prioritize the most commonly used varieties of each language.


For example, Romani is a language that has many dialects across Europe. Our models provide text that is closest to South Vlax Romani, the variety most commonly used online.

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