Google Pay Alert: Do not download these apps in your phone even by mistake, Google warns..


Many of you must be using Google Pay. Google Pay is one of the top UPI payments used in India. Google has issued a big alert for all its Google Pay. Google has asked its users not to download some apps on their phones even by mistake. Google has said that through these apps, hackers can see the OTP coming on your phone. Apart from this, your bank accounts may also become empty.


Alert regarding screen sharing app
Google has forbidden its users from downloading the screen-sharing app. Google has said that do not download any mobile app that has the option of screen sharing and remote control.

Screen-sharing apps are usually used to fix devices remotely but nowadays it is being used to scam people remotely. At present, apps like Screen Share, AnyDesk, and TeamViewer are very popular which are screen sharing apps. With the help of these apps, anyone sitting far away can see the screen of any phone.


With the help of these apps, any information saved on your phone can be viewed. OTPs can also be viewed and your bank account can be emptied. Google has said that if any of these apps is in your phone then delete it immediately.

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