Google Maps: Traveling will become easier with Google Maps, every detail will be available with the new feature...


Google Maps will launch the 'Address Descriptor' service from India early next year. A senior official of the company gave this information on Tuesday. This will be the first global service to be launched by Google from India. Under this service, the 'landmark' (main place) nearest to the location is shared by the person using the map, and the direction to the location will be known from there.


When will it be launched?
Miriam Daniel, Vice President and General Manager, Google Maps, said that for the first time in India, we are introducing a new innovation – ‘Address Descriptor’ on Google Maps, which will help our users understand the addresses of places better than before. He said that this facility will be launched across India early next year.
Every aspect of information will be available in the 'Street View' navigation.
Denel announced the launch of 'Street View' navigation that will show real-time online images of buildings or routes in the path of users on foot, as well as 'Lens in Maps' across 15 cities in India from January 2024. This will be done so that people will be able to know which shops or other establishments will come in their way while walking.

AI Feature of Google Maps
Google has also merged AI in the map feature, like other services and products, now maps will also have AI-powered features that will make the user's experience special. Google Maps gives users a great experience with features like eco-friendly routing and live view, now with the help of AI, users will be able to select stable options along with planning and navigating.


Let us tell you that the company has announced an immersive view for the Routes feature in which it will preview the travel of the users. Earlier Google Maps used to give information to the user about traffic jams but now with AI the navigation map will show the real world even more accurately. Now users will be able to find places like coffee shops instantly.

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