Google Maps Tips: How to blur your house or car visible on Google Maps? Know the complete method here..


Google keeps introducing many features for its customers. One of these features is Google Maps, with the help of which you can easily navigate to any location. Along with this, the Street View feature is also available in Google Maps, which is an interactive tool. With its help, users have been able to explore nearby areas and find shops, routes, and locations.


This feature is not widely available in India at the moment, but it gives a completely 360-degree view of the surroundings or a particular location. In addition to the immersive view, Street View on Maps also shows nearby shops, buildings, parked cars, and street names, giving a realistic representation of the physical environment. But this information is very sensitive.

To reduce this risk, Google has implemented dedicated rules and regulations to ensure your privacy and security.

Google's privacy policy

     Street-level collections and photo paths automatically blur to hide identifying information like faces and license plates, which Google supports.

     Apart from this, Google gives the uploader the option to choose which area or element of the photo will be included. This should be visible and blurred to respect the privacy of others.

How to request to blur

If any information is still left untouched, you can submit a blur request for it. Let us know about it.

     Open the Google Maps website – “” using Chrome or any other browser.

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     Next, select a specific area in your photo, such as a house, car number plate, or address, using Blur to selectively blur that area.

     Now press the three dots on the name tag of the location and select 'Report Problem'

     After this, on the next page, select the building, number plate, or whatever you want to report.

     Select what you are reporting, provide the reason, and fill in the captcha and email address.

     After this press submit to register the request.

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