Google Map Update: Your stolen phone was found back using Google Maps, you can also change these settings..


Although many types of features are offered by Google Maps, do you know that lost phones can be recovered from Google Maps? One such case comes from Tamil Nadu, in which a person named Raj Bhagat P claimed that his father was traveling by train when his phone was stolen. However, with the help of Google Maps, the stolen phone has been recovered.


Settings have to be changed
This has happened due to the settings of Google Maps. Let us tell you that if you enable a setting in the phone, then you can find out what is the location of your phone. In such a situation, if someone steals your phone, then you can catch the thief. With the help of Google Maps, the exact location of the theft can be found.

How to enable location sharing feature on Google Maps

First of all open Google Maps. After this, go to your profile icon.

After this, tap it to open the existing option

And then tap on location sharing.

You will be given the option to share your location with many people.

After this, users can share the location for as long as they want.


After this, you have to tap on "Share".

This way you will be able to share locations on Google Maps.

Note - Along with Google Maps location, name, photo, device battery power and time of reaching and leaving a location can also be shared.

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