Google Features: The Google Accessibility feature will make it easier for these users, know the details..


To provide better facilities to Android users, Google often brings new updates. In such a situation, Google's new update is very useful. Google has released many features of Lookout, Maps, and Android simultaneously. Google's new accessibility feature will greatly benefit people with weak vision and hearing loss.


A new feature in the Lookout app

Google has brought a new version of the Lookout app. With the help of this new feature, people with weak eyesight will be able to easily identify the things around them. Users will get the option to search for any specific thing in it. For example, this feature will guide users with weak vision to the bathroom. It will also give distance information. Pre-written customized tools will help users without text mode in the Look to Speak app.

Now users will get this benefit

Google Project GameFace is an open-source project, which can prove to be very beneficial for people with disabilities. With the help of this feature, users can control the mouse cursor through their faces. Google has customized many parameters. This includes gesture size, cursor speed, and facial expressions.

New update in Google Maps

Google has also provided the feature of accessibility in its famous navigation app Google Maps. The new update will provide walking directions and improved screen reader capabilities for people with low vision or disabilities. Along with this, the lens feature can tell users the names of nearby places.


Special feature for Android users

For your information, let us tell you that Google has updated the sound notification feature for Android users. With the help of this new feature, it will work like a fire and smoke alarm for those who have problems in seeing and hearing.

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