Gold Investment: You can earn huge profits by investing in gold in 4 ways, money will also be safe...


Most of the people in the country like to invest in gold. Investing in Gold provides many benefits. If you want to invest in gold, then you can earn bumper profits by investing in many ways. The biggest advantage of investing in gold is that your money remains safe in it. You can also take a loan if needed.


If we talk about the last five years, gold has reached Rs 31 thousand to Rs 60 thousand. The money of those investing in gold has doubled in the last five years. Now hallmarking of gold is also becoming mandatory from April 1st. In such a situation, jewelers will be able to sell only hallmarked gold. From April 1, a 6-digit alphanumeric hallmark code will be written on gold. This will reveal the purity of gold. It will also become easier to trace the gold. Let us tell you how many ways you can invest in gold.

1- Gold ETF-
You can also buy gold-like shares. This facility is called Gold ETF. These are exchange-traded funds. These can be bought and sold on stock exchanges. You can buy it close to the actual price of gold, as the benchmark of gold ETFs is spot gold prices. However, you must have a trading demat account. Only after this, you can buy gold ETF.

2- Physical Gold-
You can also buy physical gold. Have to buy physical gold like gold biscuits, coins, or jewellery. However, experts do not consider buying jewelery a good option for investing in gold. The reason for this is that you have to pay making charge and GST on it. In such a situation, you have to pay more money for it.

3- Invest through payment app-
Now you can invest in gold very easily from your smartphone. You do not even need to spend much money on this. You can invest in gold whenever you want at your convenience. There are many platforms available like Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, and Amazon Pay. There are many benefits of buying digital gold.


4- Sovereign Gold Bond-
Sovereign Gold Bond is also an option for investing in gold. Sovereign Gold Bond is a government bond, which is issued by the government from time to time. Its value is not in rupees or dollars but in the weight of gold. If the bond is of one gram of gold, the price of the bond will be the same as the price of one gram of gold. Sovereign Gold Bond offers a fixed interest of 2.50% every year on the issue price. A Demat account is also necessary for investing in Sovereign Gold Bond.

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