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Gmail is an important platform today. If you are an Android user then it becomes necessary to have an account on Gmail. If you want to use an Android phone, you have to enter a Google account. Now whether you go shopping take a survey or do any online work, you have to enter your email ID. In such a situation, we never know when our Gmail gets filled with promotional offers and emails. In such a situation, sometimes there is tension that we might miss some important emails due to unnecessary emails.


However, unsubscribing by going to each email is not an easy task. But now this work has become easy. Actually, Google has introduced a new Unsubscribe button for Gmail accounts. This button is for both the web and phone.

According to Google's official blog post, when the Unsubscribe button is clicked, Gmail will send an HTTP request or send an email to the sender requesting that the user's email address be removed from the mailing list.

This feature on both Android and iOS
The Unsubscribe button for the company is given in the three-dot menu on the phone. This option is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The company has further said that this feature is available to all Google Workspace users and users with personal Google accounts on iOS devices and web users will soon get the benefit of this feature. The unsubscribe option will be available next to any email address on the web. That means, if you want to get rid of any company's email, it can be easily unsubscribed by pressing a button.


Google wrote, 'We are changing the text of the button to make it clearer for users that they can choose between unsubscribing or reporting a message as spam.
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