Gmail Tips: You will be able to use Gmail without the internet, and know the step-by-step process...

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If you are in an area where the internet is not working, then it can be a problem for you, but do you know that Gmail can be used even without the internet? Gmail can be accessed in offline mode without an internet connection. In this, you get the facility of writing new messages and searching existing emails.


Enable offline mail
First of all, open Gmail on Chrome browser. This mode will not work on any other browser.
After this, click on the settings gear in the top right corner.
After this, select the Settings option.
Then you have to click on the offline tap.
After this, checkmark the offline email box.
Then select the number of days for which you want to sync the email for online access. It provides a facility of 90 days.
Due to security reasons, you have to select whether you want to keep the offline data on the computer or want to delete it.

How to access Gmail offline
When you are offline, go to on a simple Chrome browser.
In this, you will have to confirm the offline mode message.


After this, you will be able to browse your inbox. Along with this, you will get the facility to draft messages and read messages.

Tips for offline mode

You will be able to search your messages in offline mode, which were synced offline.

You cannot download the attachment of the mail. However, you can view it in offline mode.

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