Gharchola: Gharchola has special importance in marriage, know why every bride should include it in her wardrobe...


Gharchola Saree: Wedding is one of the most special occasions of any girl's life. The culture and customs of the bride and groom make the wedding occasion even more special. Every place has its own culture and its own rules and they also have their own special significance. Today we are going to tell you about a special thing of Gujarat culture, which you can wear in your wedding to further enhance your bridal look. We are talking about the Gharchola saree. Let us know what is its importance and why you should make it a part of your wedding wardrobe.


What is Gharchola Saree?
Like the beauty of this saree, its meaning is also very special. Gharchola means clothes worn at home. Here house means the bride's new house and the chola that she wears when she enters that house. This saree is a very special part of Gujarati weddings. Gharchola is a saree, but its dupatta is used in weddings. Which the bride wears on her head. It is made of cotton or silk, on which zari work is done and motifs of peacock, lotus, flowers, and leaves are made on it. Making Gharchola was started in Khambhat district of Gujarat and since then till today it is considered an important part of weddings in Gujarat. Resembling a Bandhani saree, this saree is identified by its grid pattern.

Why include it in your bridal wardrobe?
mother-in-law's blessings to daughter-in-law

Gharchola is given as a blessing from the groom's family, wearing which the bride enters her new home. At the wedding, the mother-in-law gives a Gharchola scarf to her daughter-in-law. It is believed that the mother-in-law gives it to the bride as her blessing, which the daughter-in-law enters the house wearing on her head and shoulders. Gharchola is considered a symbol of the fact that after marriage, the groom and his family will always take care of the bride.

Unbreakable bond of bride and groom
The bride wears a Gharchola on her head and shoulders, which is tied to the groom's stall during the procession. This shows the unbreakable relationship between husband and wife. This shows the strength of the sacred relationship between the two. Therefore it has great importance in marriage.


Fashion statement
Gharchola saree is an evergreen fashion statement that never goes out of fashion. Apart from marriage, you can also wear it to other wedding functions. Mostly made in red, pink, green, and yellow colors, this saree can give you a very special look. You can also style this dupatta with a lehenga, which will enhance your look.
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