Get Close To Nature At Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary Which Is A Hidden Gem in the Himalayas


If you are a nature lover and a wanderer too, then Kalatop in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh can be your destination. Although nature has blessed Chamba with many blessings, but many areas of this district live the pride of being settled in the company of nature. If you aspire to have a direct interview with nature, then visiting Kalatop will give you immense pleasure. The climate here will not let you return. The deodar trees touching the sky and the chirping of birds piercing the serene atmosphere will mesmerize you. Kalatop forest spread over about twenty square kilometers makes you feel fresh every moment.

Kalatop, a protected wildlife sanctuary in Chamba, is capable of enthralling any visitor. Kalatop Sanctuary is situated between Khajjiar and Dalhousie. There is a lot of snowfall here at the end of December and in January, as if silver is scattered all around.

When Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited this area (in 1954), he allowed the people of the Dhaugari community to live here permanently and since then this sanctuary is probably the first such sanctuary to have a human settlement. Although there are only around 75 houses here. When the British started living in Dalhousie City named after Lord Dalhousie, there was a plan to make coal from the dense forests of Kalatop. The human settlement in Kalatop is named Lakadmandi. The reason behind this name is said to be that wood was cut from the dense forests of Deodar and kept here. Natural trekking in the heart of Kalatop forest is extremely thrilling for route trackers. Many wild birds also live in this forest, in which the endangered chakor attracts the attention of tourists. There is also a treasure of many types of herbs in this forest, in which Brahmi, Taxus, and Bekaya trees are prominent.

To stay, there is a two-room rest house in the middle of the Kalatop forest, which has been given the noun of Dak Bungalow. You have to approach the Wildlife Officer (DFO) of Chamba, who is also its warden, to book a stay here. Apart from this, 11 km from here. away from Khajjiar and 26 km. Adequate accommodation is available in the hotels of Dalhousie. You can visit here anytime between March to November but do not forget to carry warm clothes and raincoats etc. due to the cold weather.

The distance from Delhi to here is 520 km. and 24 km from Chamba. Is. If you are coming by train then you can reach Pathankot by taxi or bus. You can also reach Pathankot by air and after landing at Gaggal airport, you can travel 125 km. You can travel by taxi or bus. If the forests of Kalatop, situated in the lap of nature, tell you lullabies of silence, then the sounds of wild animals wake you up. Such a sight cannot be imagined, but nature can be directly interviewed only by being face to face. But yes, whenever you go out for a walk in the forest, be careful of leopards, bears, and wild cows. Here you are the guest of nature so it is your responsibility to beware of danger. Black bears often visit human settlements in winter. The splendid weather here and the ear-tingling silence will surely urge you to stay for a few more days

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