Ganesh Utsav 2023: Offer these 8 things to Bappa on Ganesh Chaturthi, it will rain wealth, success in career...


The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Chaturthi date of Bhadrapada month. On this day Lord Ganesha is worshiped and Bappa is brought into the house with respect. This festival lasts for 10 days. In such a situation, devotees take various measures to please Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi. If you also want to get blessings from Bappa, then we tell you how to get his blessings on Ganesh Chaturthi.


Pandit Sanjay Upadhyay, a scholar and astrologer from Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, said that to please Lord Ganesha, devotees should offer eight things dear to him during Ganesh Puja. During the puja, banana, modak (sweet), reed (sugarcane), durva grass, Shami leaf, vermillion, coconut, and paddy lava should be offered to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is pleased by offering these things and his blessings always remain with the devotees.

I get this blessing
By offering these things, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi remain on the devotees. Also, one gets success in a career. Obstacles, obstacles, and worries in life are removed.


Install Ganpati with the right trunk in the house
Ganpati ji with the right trunk should always be placed in your house. Worship of Ganapati with the right trunk brings wealth, prosperity happiness and peace to the house.
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