Fried Modak: To please Ganpati Bappa, offer Fried Modak, note down the recipe now...


In this 10-day long festival, people welcome Ganpati Bappa to their homes and everyone celebrates this festival with great pomp and show to please the Lord by offering them their favorite Prasad. Modak is very dear to Ganpati Bappa. Everyone offers plain modak to God, but this time if you want to do something different then you can also offer fried modak. Let us tell you it's the easy recipe...


Coconut (grated) – 1
Sugar - 1 bowl
Cardamom powder – 1 tbsp
Milk – 1 cup
Wheat flour - 2 bowls
 Raw – half bowl
salt to taste
oil or ghee for frying

How to make fried modak
1. Mix coconut, sugar, and milk in a pan and cook on low flame.
2. When the mixture dries, turn off the gas and add cardamom powder. Do not dry it too much.
3. Add rawo, oil, or ghee to wheat flour and knead a stiff dough.
4. Keep it aside for 2 hours.
5. Then mix it well and make puri.

6. Fill the prepared mixture in it and shape it into a modak.
7. Heat oil in another pan and fry the modaks.

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