Follow these makeup tips to hide wrinkles and look attractive instantly

hide wrinkles with makeup

It is often seen that wrinkles start appearing under the eyes in old age. But sometimes due to laxity in the skin or increased stress before age, wrinkles start appearing under the eyes. In such a situation, you can get rid of them with the help of home remedies. Also, you can resort to makeup to hide them till they go away. Today we are going to tell you some makeup tips that will make you look beautiful by hiding these wrinkles under the eyes. So let's know about these makeup tips.

choose eye shadow

- Choose eye shadows according to your complexion. For light skin, you can go for bright blue, green, and grey, whereas for dark skin you can choose plum, pink, and grape colors. This will make your eyes bigger and brighter.

- If you want, you can highlight your eyelashes using mascara. Voluminous eyelashes will go a long way in hiding your wrinkles.

use concealer
- Use concealer or liquid foundation to remove wrinkles under the eyes. Wait for some time after applying and after that apply compact and let the foundation set.

- If you want, you can choose black-to-black eyeliner or pencil to outline. The dark outline won't let anyone notice your wrinkles.

- Use less shimmer on the cheeks, otherwise, people will pay more attention to your wrinkles. Use less shimmer or light shimmer that matches your skin tone.

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