Fitness Tips: ​​​​​​At the age of 56, the agility of 30, the secret of Akshay Kumar's healthy body is a simple diet..


Fans are crazy about the fitness of Bollywood's Khiladi Kumar. Along with acting, Akshay also takes care of his health. Not only fans, but many B-town celebs also praise the actor's healthy body. He believes that to stay fit and healthy, one does not need any good diet plan but expensive machines or a hi-fi diet. If you remain disciplined and adopt a good lifestyle, you can stay fit both inside and outside. Today the actor is celebrating his birthday, so on this special day let us tell you the secret of Khiladi Kumar's healthy diet. let us know….


Wake up early in the morning
Akshay is very punctual, he wakes up early every morning. He wakes up early in the morning and does physical exercise.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
Many fans are unaware that the actor does not follow a heavy diet plan but eats good food. He has said many times that he eats everything, the only difference is that he eats it in the right quantity and at the right time. Actors have their dinner at or before 7 p.m. Apart from this, he stays away from things like alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine. Akshay believes that lack of stamina for workouts is due to smoking alcohol etc. People who do not consume all these things always remain energetic and fresh.

Akshay eats home-cooked food
Akshay Kumar himself eats home-cooked food and advises everyone to eat home-cooked food only. He also advises fans to eat home-cooked food. To increase immunity, the actor drinks turmeric milk mixed with honey in hot water. Apart from this, he likes to eat paratha and milk for breakfast, brown rice, low-fat meat and vegetables for lunch, and soup and saturated vegetables for dinner. Apart from this, he eats nuts, fruits, and green vegetables in his diet and drinks plenty of water.


Keep yourself fit differently
Akshay Kumar's way of keeping himself fit is completely different. While other actors sweat for hours in the gym to keep themselves fit, Khiladi Kumar prefers to keep himself naturally fit. The actor keeps himself fit by practicing basketball, kickboxing, yoga, and martial arts.
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