Financial Tips: Expenses will double as soon as you get married, manage them in these ways..


A boy named Paras living in Delhi works in a company there. Where he also gets a good salary. He used to spend that salary on house rent, hanging out with friends, eating out, and fulfilling his needs, and at the end of the month, he would still have a little money left.

But recently he got married. Now he is finding the same salary quite low. Whereas earlier he used to save a little. Only a nominal balance is left in his account. In such a situation, she keeps worrying about how to manage her expenses with the same salary.

Like Paras, there would be many other people who find their salary less than their expenses. In such a situation, today we will tell you how you can manage this problem.


Budget ready-

If you want to manage your expenses then making a budget is most important. For this, you should start by keeping an eye on your income and expenses. Then groceries. Expenses should be prepared by discussing electricity and water bills, entertainment, and savings separately.

Limit your expenses-

It is also important to avoid unnecessary expenses. For this, you can cut down on non-essential things and instead find cheaper alternatives.

Do not take more credit cards than necessary.

Nowadays everyone has many credit cards due to their easy availability. In such a situation, when there is not much money in the bank, they use it everywhere. But because of this the credit card bill keeps increasing and gets deducted from your salary next month. But avoid taking non-essential things even with a credit card.

Don't spend too much alone-

If you are fond of traveling and partying with friends, then divide the expenses equally among all your friends, so that you can easily enjoy and save together.

50-30-20 rule-

This rule refers to income, expenditure, and savings. That means, out of the money you earn, 50 percent is spent on the needs of your family. Out of that, you have to manage the remaining 50 percent properly. Out of which you can use 30 percent for your hobbies like shopping and parties. Then there is the remaining 20 percent which you must save. This will help you a lot in managing your money in the future.

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