Financial Planning: These rules of financial planning will keep you rich, you will never face shortage of money...


In today's time, if you invest in the right place, your income increases. Today every person has taken many financial steps to increase his income. If you are also making financial planning, then come, today we will tell you about the financial rules, with the help of which you can do financial planning.


Pay yourself
You should always make the payment yourself. For this, keep a fixed amount of your salary for your expenses. If you do this then you can fulfill your financial goal. For example, if you withdraw a fixed amount from your salary for your expenses, then you can use the remaining amount to fulfill your financial goals.

Focus on saving
You should always pay attention to your savings. If you fix a savings amount every month, then you can manage your financial expenses properly. You should pay attention to saving only after starting your job. With this, you can take up your future responsibilities properly.

50-20-30 rule
The 50-20-30 rule should always be followed for financial planning. According to this rule, you should keep 50 percent of your salary for household expenses, 20 percent for savings, and 30 percent for your hobbies i.e. food, and outings. You can change this rule according to your age.

20/4/10 rule
We all plan to buy a new car. If you are also thinking of buying a car in the future or have purchased a new car, then you can follow the 20/4/10 rule to pay its EMI on time. In this rule, you use 20 percent of the amount for the down payment, and 4 means that is the year. Whereas, 10 means your EMI.

Emergency fund
You should always use an emergency fund. This fund helps a lot in your emergency. Many times we need money in emergency situations. In such a situation, if we have this emergency fund, it helps us a lot.

We can put a part of our salary in it every month. If you want, you can also open a separate saving account for this.

Life insurance is necessary
In today's time, life insurance is very important. It is quite safe for us and our family. Along with buying life insurance, you can also buy term insurance. In life insurance, you get fair returns after a certain period of time. You have to pay a premium every month in life insurance.

Invest in a retirement scheme
Everyone should invest in a retirement scheme. This scheme is very important to continue the income source after retirement. You can invest in bank and post office schemes. Before investing in any scheme, you should know its terms and conditions thoroughly.


You can also invest in stock market or mutual funds. This is one of the most popular options for investing today. Apart from this, you can also invest in digital gold.

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