Fidgeting Impact: Is the habit of shaking legs while sitting good or bad, know here...


Fidgeting Impact: You must have often seen or felt that if people sit at a high place, they keep shaking their legs continuously. If you move your feet while sitting at home, you are immediately interrupted. It is not considered good to do this at home. Many times the habit of shaking your legs is considered a sign of anxiety or some other problem, but today we are going to tell you something about shaking your legs, which you will be surprised to know.


Very few people know that the habit of moving legs can prolong the life span of a person, although this is a bit surprising it is true. Often when people sit continuously and move their legs, this habit of theirs is called fidgeting. It is a rhythmic movement of a part of the body, which is controlled by the brain.

Fidgeting is beneficial:
According to media reports, some health experts consider fidgeting beneficial. Along with this, it is said that it can have a negative impact on a person's performance, but many people also believe that fidgeting is beneficial. No one should form their own opinion on this.

Fidgeting causes a person to moment:
Many times people's weight increases due to sitting job. Sitting in one place for hours makes a person obese, but due to fidgeting, a person moves, which helps him lose weight. According to a study in media reports, the amount of energy spent by 24 people in the habit of fidgeting was measured. After this, the study found that compared to people who remain sedentary, people who fidget burn 29 percent more calories.

Reduces the risk of heart disease:
Many times a person becomes at risk of heart disease due to continuous sitting straight. In such a situation, people start facing problems like diabetes, obesity, anxiety, and depression. With the help of visiting, it helps a lot in removing the stress of person.


Human age increases:
According to some health experts, the habit of fidgeting helps a person protect his body from serious diseases. It is said that this causes rhythmic movement of the body. Which helps in increasing the lifespan.
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