Fenugreek Side Effects: Fenugreek can be harmful in these problems, do not consume it even by mistake...


Fenugreek Side Effects: Many spices used in the kitchen are beneficial for our health. But excess of anything is always harmful to us. Fenugreek, one of these spices, is also beneficial for us in many problems. Not only health, but fenugreek is also very beneficial for our hair and skin. But there are some such problems too, in which the consumption of fenugreek seeds can prove to be harmful.


If you are still unaware of the disadvantages of fenugreek seeds, today we will tell you about the harmful effects of fenugreek and the problems in which consumption of fenugreek seeds can prove to be harmful to your health.

If you are a diabetic patient, then excessive consumption of fenugreek seeds can prove to be very harmful to you. Fenugreek controls the sugar level. In such a situation, if you consume it in excess, then it can cause the blood sugar level to go down significantly, which can cause the problem of hypoglycemia. If you are also a diabetic patient, do not consume it without the advice of a doctor.

Consuming fenugreek seeds can also be very harmful to pregnant women. In such a situation, try to avoid eating it in excess. Actually, due to the heating effect of fenugreek, its excessive consumption can cause bleeding problems. Also, if you are breastfeeding, you should avoid eating fenugreek seeds as they can cause diarrhea in babies.

Urinary problems
Due to its hot effect, consuming it excessively can sometimes cause urinary problems. Actually, due to the hot effect of fenugreek, heat can be generated in the urine, due to which there can be a problem of foul smell in the urine along with a burning sensation.

Stomach problems
Due to excessive consumption of fenugreek, many times problems related to the stomach also start. If you are eating fenugreek seeds in excess, then it can cause problems like gas, and indigestion.


Many people may also have allergy problems due to excessive consumption of fenugreek. Excessive consumption of fenugreek can also cause skin irritation, rashes, etc.

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