FD Rates Hike: Highest interest on one year FD is available in these banks, know the details...


FD Interest Rates: Ever since the Reserve Bank started increasing the repo rate in May 2022, the interest rates on FD are also being increased rapidly by the banks. FD interest rates have increased the fastest in the last two years. Investors investing in FD were forced to deposit money at low-interest rates. But now such bank customers have heaved a sigh of relief.


Top Bank FD Interest Rates -
On some tenures of FD, banks are giving more than 9% interest. Here today we will tell you about those banks which are giving 7 to 8 percent and even more interest on one-year FD. These banks include both public and private banks-

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank- Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is giving interest at the rate of 8.25 percent on a year FD. This is the highest interest rate offered by any bank.

Equitas Small Finance Bank- Equitas Small Finance Bank is offering 8.2 percent interest on one-year fixed deposits. Senior citizens are being offered higher interest rates by the bank.

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank- Utkarsh Small Finance Bank and Jana Small Finance Bank are also giving interest at the rate of 8 percent per annum to customers. This interest is being given on the tenure of FD of one year.

Fincare Small Finance Bank- Fincare Small Finance Bank is offering interest at the rate of 7.65 percent on a year FD. If senior citizens do FD then they will be given more interest.


IndusInd Bank & Capital Small Finance Bank- IndusInd Bank and Capital Small Finance Bank are also offering an interest rate of 7.5% to the customers. This offer from both banks is at one-year interest rate.

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