FD Rates Hike: This bank is giving the highest interest on FD to senior citizens..

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In the last year, even though RBI has increased the burden on the public by increasing the repo rate 6 times in a row, but in the meantime, many banks have given gifts to the customers by increasing their fixed deposits (FD). Unity Small Finance Bank is giving interest up to 9.50% on fixed deposits.


Unity Small Finance Bank is offering 9.5% interest to senior citizens on 1001 days of FD. However, 9 percent interest is being given to retail investors on this. Bank retail investors are getting 8.75 percent and senior citizens 9.25 percent interest on the 501-day fixed deposit scheme of Unity Small Finance Bank.

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank is giving up to 9% interest on 700 days of FD
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank is giving 8.25 percent interest to general investors and 9.00 percent to senior citizens on 700 days FD. The bank is giving an interest rate of 7.50% to general customers and 8.25% to senior citizens on fixed deposits (FDs) of 701 days to 5 years.

Equitas Small Finance Bank is giving up to 9% interest for 888 days
In Equitas Small Finance Bank, on 888 days of FD, a maximum interest of 8.5 percent is being given to common people and up to 9 percent to senior citizens. Recently, the bank has changed the interest rates for FDs to less than Rs 2 crore. According to the official website of the bank, the new FD interest rates have come into effect from April 11, 2023.


The pace of increase in the repo rate stopped after 6 consecutive tremors
Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given great relief to the common man. Actually, in the first MPC meeting of the new financial year, it has been announced to keep the repo rate stable. The repo rate has been retained at 6.50 percent. Earlier, RBI had increased the repo rate by 2.50 percent from May 2022 to February 2023.
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