Fashion Tips: Try these different colors of shirts, you will look smart and stylish in minutes...


Trending Shirt Color for Men: Shirts are counted among the all-time fashion trends for men. In such a situation, from casual wear to special occasions, men try different colored shirts. Do you know about the latest shirt trends? Yes, you can achieve a dashing and stylish look in minutes by carrying contrasting pants or trousers with a shirt color.


By the way, there are many collections of shirts available for men. Despite this, to get the best look, most men get confused about the color of the shirt. Come, let us tell you about the latest color trend in shirts, by following which you can look the most handsome and smart.

Light blue shirt
Nowadays light blue color shirt has become quite common among men. On the other hand, it is best to wear grey, khaki, white, brown, and charcoal black bottom wear with a light blue shirt.

White shirt
The white colored shirt is the favorite of most men. Wearing a white shirt not only enhances your look, but you can also carry pants or trousers of any color with them.

Red check shirt
To carry the perfect casual look, wearing a red check shirt is the best option. On the other hand, you can try black trousers or chinos with a red check shirt.

Yellow shirt
The yellow color shirt also works to give unique look to men. However, the selection of light yellow shirts is best for men with dark skin tones. On the other hand, if the skin tone is fair, you can choose a dark or off-yellow shirt. In this case, you can carry khaki, olive green, brown, navy, and charcoal-colored bottom wear with a yellow shirt.

Black shirt
You can try a black shirt to carry a royal and decent look. On the other hand, you can easily enhance your look by wearing charcoal, light gray colored trousers or shorts with a black shirt.

Light green shirt
You can carry a different look by trying a light green colored shirt. Whereas olive green, black, navy, gray, and brown colored pants or trousers match perfectly with a light green shirt.


Lavender shirt
To get a versatile look, it can be best to wear a lavender-colored shirt. On the other hand, you can look very attractive by wearing dark-colored bottoms wear like black, navy, brown, and deep green with a lavender shirt.

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