Fashion Tips: How to dress up for an Interview and to avoid making mistakes while dressing up.

How to dress up for an Interview
Interview Dress
Dress Up For an Interview

It is often said that first impression is the last impression. This is especially true in the case of job interviews, as a large part of getting the job depends on the kind of first impression you make. You must have prepared very well for the interview. But the clothes you wear for the interview says a lot about you before you even speak. Many times, people do not pay much attention to their clothes while going for the interview, which is the most common interview mistake for job seekers. This article is for those people who can impress the person in front of their interview with their look and dressing sense. This comes under developing the soft skills needed to give that extra boost to get that job or University that you want to join.

Choose clothes according to the job

The way you should dress for an interview has changed over the years. No set is uniform. It totally depends on the choice of clothes according to the job you have applied for. For example, if you have been called for an interview for a job as a cloth stylist in the fashion industry and you are arriving there wearing a suit and boot, it does not match your profile. Similarly, if you are applying for a desk job in a government job or a corporate house, if you are going for the event, then the decision to go wearing jeans and T-shirt will not prove to be correct. It's only natural that the hiring manager will expect the candidate to project an image of creativity and knowledge through their clothing and accessories.

Dress for Interview

Say no to bright colours

Avoid wearing brightly coloured or heavily patterned clothing. This may work for people in creative fields like advertising or fashion industry, but may not be the right choice in other fields. If you are going for an interview in a corporate house where you have to deal with clients or professionals, or for an interview for the college or MBA admissions then the choice of neutral colours white, navy blue, black or brown will be right for you. Men should also avoid wearing an odd tie, as it can make you laugh during the interview.

Selection of clothes should be according to the weather

Deciding how to dress for a job interview in the summer can be an especially difficult task, as the weather is warm and a bulky suit is out of the question. However, that doesn't mean you need to give up on professionalism. You can’t Leave it cool and go to the interview wearing casual shorts or a T-shirt. You can opt for business-casual attire instead of a suit.

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Avoid Wearing Accessories

The case for accessories is equal for both men and women. We think that if it is a matter of accessories, then it will be only for women, but sir, it is not like that at all. Women preferably should only wear simple ear studs if at all. Men should avoid wearing sunglasses. Men should avoid any kind of facial piercing at the time of interview. If you are married then you can wear wedding ring. Apart from this, a classy watch will also help to complete your look.


Choose the right shoes

Footwear plays a very important role in your overall look. Wearing a pair of sneakers won't make you look professional. That's why it is very important to buy the right shoes before the interview. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on shoes, you can easily buy a great pair of shoes during the sale. Preferably black simple office black bellies without any ornament on it for Women and plain office shoes for Men.


Use light scented perfume

Using a whole bottle of perfume before the interview can prove to be wrong. However, if you must use it, use a light perfume. Your interviewer may be allergic to perfume. Remember that the smell of your perfume or cologne should be the last thing your interviewer remembers about you.

Carry your own Pen and a Folder

It is good Business Ethics to carry your own Pen and Paper if by chance you need them during an Interview. Also carry your credentials and certificates and Education details as per requirement, in a proper Folder.


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