Fashion & Styling Hacks: Correct the problem from clothes to makeup on the wedding day in minutes..


Fashion & Styling Hacks: The wedding is the most memorable moment of your life. You do everything possible to make it memorable. From clothes to jewelry, menu to the venue, planning is done months in advance so that there is no rush on this day, everything goes smoothly, but sometimes things do not go according to your planning, and in the end, nothing happens. Some problems do happen. Sometimes related to skin, sometimes related to clothes and if there is no way to fix them, then they work to increase stress and anxiety completely. So in today's article, we are going to know about similar problems and their solutions.


1. Fix broken zip like this
If the zip of the blouse gets stuck completely, then the easiest and most effective solution is to rub a candle on it. Candles are generally available in hotels or resorts, so with this, you can smoothen the stuck zip and if candles are not available, get your friend or relative to stitch the blouse after wearing it. This hack will work, for now, get it fixed later.

2. Oil or serum spills on the outfit
If any kind of oil or hair serum falls on your outfit, then the solution is to sprinkle talcum powder at that place. Leave it like this for 10 minutes without disturbing it. After that remove it with your hands. The powder absorbs all the oil.

3. For volume in hair
If your hair is light and even after hairstyling, an empty head is visible from the middle, then apply matte eyeshadow matching your hair.

4. The problem of high heels
If you have taken high heels to wear with your lehenga but are having trouble walking in them, then the alternative is a numbing spray. Which you spray well on your paws. Get a good foot massage the next day.


5. Excessive sweating of feet
Due to excessive sweating in the feet, there is a fear of slipping. So for this, sprinkle talcum powder on your footwear so that the sweat gets absorbed, then move around comfortably and dance.

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