Exercises to reduce fat from the body:-Fat in the stomach, hips, hands and thighs will be reduced, do this 1 exercise daily


Do you want to reduce the fat in your stomach, thighs and hips?

Has hanging fat on hands reduced the beauty?

All these are parts of the body where fat accumulates most quickly and easily. It not only spoils your looks but also invites many health-related diseases. 

In such a situation, there is no need to worry, because you can reduce the fat in these parts of the body with this one exercise. Fitness expert Priyanka is telling us about this exercise. Yes, we are talking about the Scouts variation.

The expert says, "You can do squats in many ways." Squats are not just a workout for the lower body, but they activate and tone the entire body. It works on the abdominal muscles and strengthens them. Plus, it improves posture and burns calories.”

When the body moves downwards, the core muscles flex. When you lift, the core gets energy, which burns fat. Doing squats daily reduces belly fat rapidly.  

Squats Variation Method

  • To do this, stand with your spine straight. 
  • Then open the feet shoulder-width apart. 
  • Keep the toes of the feet outwards.
  • Join hands together and raise them upwards. 
  • Now slowly bend the knees while pushing the hips backwards. 
  • While doing this, move your hands downwards.
  • Then go back up.
  • Tighten your core and lift your chest upward. 
  • Then come back to normal position. 
  • Do this exercise 10 to 15 times.

Benefits of Squats Variations

  • Best for upper and lower body. 
  • Body fat reduces rapidly in a short period.
  • Blood circulation improves. 
  • The body is flexible. 
  • The lower back becomes stronger. 
  • Posture improves. 
  • Legs and hips are toned. 
  • Muscle tension is reduced. 
  • Burns calories faster. 
  • Digestion remains fine. 
  • The chances of injury are less. 
  • Energy level increases. 
  • Stress goes away and one gets good sleep at night. 
  • The back pain goes away. 
  • Cellulite is reduced. 
  • Lungs and heart remain healthy. 
  • The muscles of the hips become stronger. 
  • The knees are strong. 
  • Sexual health improves. 

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