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EPFO New Guideline For Online Claim: If you have applied for EPF claim online from home and your claim is getting rejected again and again, then you do not need to worry. For this, EPFO has issued new guidelines to the regional offices. So that your claim will not be rejected again and again. While issuing guidelines to the regional offices, EPFO said that the online claims being made for EPF should be processed as soon as possible. The same claim should not be rejected on multiple grounds.


Let us tell you that after this guideline of EPFO, it is expected that the claims will not be rejected again and again. EPFO has said that each claim should be thoroughly investigated in the first instance and the member should be informed about the reasons for rejection in the first instance. Investigation has found that often the same claim is rejected again and again on different grounds.

Field offices will also be expected to send a report on monthly rejections of similar PF claims to the zonal office for review to ensure that they are processed within the expected timeline. The ministry said that complaints from members point to irregular practices being followed in some field offices. Incorrect practices result in delays in providing proper benefit-related services to members, including calling for unnecessary documents. The ministry has given instructions to immediately stop the wrong practices.


The claim should not be rejected
It has been observed in departmental investigation that in many cases the claims were rejected for a particular reason and when it was re-submitted after correction, it was again rejected for other/different reasons. All responsible officers should ensure that no claim is rejected and EPF employees do not face any kind of problem, if the claim is knowingly rejected without any reason then strict action will be taken against them.
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